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Gedeonsolutions presents you with a form of web hosting that offers users a dedicated virtual server for their websites and applications.  You have access to all the server resources, such as CPU, RAM and disk space, and can install and run any software you need, they have upgrade capacity and public static IP.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing, are a way of providing information technology services over the Internet rather than through a local or physical server.   This means that businesses and users can access their applications, data and services over the Internet, rather than having to install and run them on their own devices.




VPS and Cloud Solutions is an intermediate option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Similar to shared hosting, multiple VPSs run on a single physical server, but each VPS is isolated and has dedicated resources. This means users have more control and flexibility than with shared hosting, but at a lower cost than with dedicated hosting.


Compared to the solutions on the VPS services market, Gedeonsolutions offers you the possibility of running its solutions on PUBLIC servers and with fault tolerance; It is feasible that your need refers only to the use of access to a database or information processes in real time and they do not require a 100% dedicated VPS with support and administration on your part;  Gedeonsolutions in Cloud solutions gives you the possibility of your webservice, json, streaming broadcast, running in a proprietary manner.

VPS & Cloud solutions are a good option for government and/or government institutions, where,  Websites and applications that need more resources and flexibility than shared hosting can provide, but do not require a fully dedicated server; This is where Gedeonsolutions presents an alternative to this need.

Cloud solutions offer several advantages, such as greater scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. Businesses can use cloud solutions to store and process large amounts of data, run applications and services, and back up their data without having to invest in expensive hardware and software. Users can also use cloud solutions to access their applications and services from anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection.

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