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Telemetry, field survey for taking points and analysis; real-time audit on RTSP protocol; OCR image monitoring and processing

Banking and finances

Development and innovation in the field of analysis, Artificial Intelligence applied to website processing, corporate webservices for consumption, process automation and customer notifications.

Applied cybersecurity BLUE TEAM - RED TEAM; beta testing applications in draft and prior to production; Sanitization of public entrances, security and personal advice regarding social engineering.

Security policies and fault tolerance for contingencies, denial of service attacks; analysis of vulnerabilities in information under OSINT mode.

Communications - Connectivity

Webservices or IoT solutions and connectivity, through an Alliance with AITUE COMUNICA S.A., a leading telecommunications company in Latin America: it is our partner in Land-Sea connectivity, VSAT/KU links - Lora and LoraWAN

Public services (e-government / e-municipalities)

Solutions applied to public management, process analysis and resolution in contilgencis. Monitoring and control in Ventallia systems Entry, payment of services and link to virtual mode.

Public organisms

Multiplatform integration under webservices solutions and digital signature; implementation of TOKEY and KEYTOKEN systems.

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