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A comprehensive solution to time the collection of your services.  Cobroeasy is a programmable prepaid timer that allows you to carry out the interaction between payment prior to access to a service.

cobroeasy replaces the need to have coin or bill validator devices; eliminates the need for on-site updating for rates or timer reprogramming; In addition, through its integration with Mercadopago, cobroeasy allows you to offer your clients several payment alternatives to access your service.


In existing mechanical charging systems, cobroeasy can integrate the service together with a purse or wallet, allowing traditional or electronic access to its service.

cobroeasy is a COMPREHENSIVE solution, it provides easy access to the service, does not require physical money or tokens, eliminates the risk of vandalism and offers a range of payment methods to its client.

cobroeasy is a simple, practical and economical solution to keep track of your services.


Dialogue with SCADA systems under traditional CAN, ModBUS, Tcp/IP protocols are increasingly used and, above all, the need to be able to access data in real time is necessary and mandatory.  The problem exists in connectivity, how to bring the data on important scenarios to a point of concentration and analysis is the reason for GetComAPP.

GetComAPP is a solution developed to cover the need to send data about low connectivity and finally delivered in different multiplatform formats to be analyzed; At the same time, it forms a desktop for managing the equipment to be consulted and its satellite positioning to report all the information obtained on a GeoReferenced Map (SCADA-GIS).

GetComAPP takes its anonymous name from ComAPP, a renowned PLC, responsible for dialogue with all types of motors, data acquisition through the incorporation of sensors and variables; GetComAPP is integrated to send all the information collected about LORA, LoraWan, Satellite connections; and deliver the resulting result over webservices and georeference.

GetComApp is the ideal and economical solution to remotely access the data generated in your Generator Set or Engine and finally expand it on any existing system (XML, JSON, TXT)



Mercadopago Integer


Mercadopago Integer refers to a solution suite to implement Mercadopago in your services.

As time goes by, it is inevitable to think that physical money has its days numbered; Having collection alternatives is the KEY to your business, and it can even represent losses from continuing to operate in a traditional way.


Mercadopago Integer comes to solve this problem, through the integration of Mercadopago and its traditional payment method.

If you have a traditional collection process from your customers and need the implementation of Mercadopago, Mercadopago Integer is the solution.

WhatsApp Notificator

WhatsApp is today one of the most used services in Latin America for communication between people, in fact, lately it is widely used for product sales, customer service through query automation, dialogues with virtual assistants; All of these services run on the WhatsApp platform and if you want to reach a larger number of people, you should rely on WhatsApp Bissness corporate services.

WhatsApp Notifier is a solution that seeks to integrate with your traditional notifier; If you have notification via text message to your clients (SMS) or response notifications via email, WhatsApp Notifier is for you.

What is the virtue of WhatsApp Notifier, it does not need to incur communication costs, if you are notifying via SMS, the message you send HAS A COST, that cost is paid by the company that issues the SMS or by the company that you contracted for mass sending of SMS.

WhatsApp is integrated into the existing notification system, complementing the traditional one or potentially replacing it in the future; It has currently been verified that a person accesses a notification or message more quickly through WhatsApp than through SMS or Email.

Plan advertising campaigns, notify your customers of news with ZERO cost, apply double authentication without implementation costs.




The dream of having an internet television channel is now possible with Gedoencaster.

Gedeoncaster allows you to generate an ONLINE signal on the Internet in a very simple and immediate way.

If you are a person who is not familiar with technology but needs something simple to be able to generate your own signal on the Internet, Gedeoncaster could cover this need.

Gedeoncaster is a streaming platform that allows you to broadcast a signal in real time, interspersing pre-recorded content, playlists.  By generating playlists, you can schedule content to play 24 hours a day, scheduling commercials or notifications.

Gedeoncaster considers that the public consumes 80% mobile and 20% television, which is why its protocols are compatible with Mp3u, Mp4, rtsp and https.

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