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During this last decade, the streaming concept has been developing different aspects, because its application does not simply refer to entertainment but it is currently possible to offer a service for monitoring, recognition, and dissemination of specific content for a specific purpose and accessible on multiplatforms.

Gedeonsolutions, for many years has offered streaming solutions, it was one of the pioneers in Streaming solutions in Argentina, solutions for broadcasting and dissemination at the government level; Subsequently, he dedicated himself to offering integrated solutions for mobile devices in news media and entertainment programs.

Today Streaming is a more accentuated concept and the public has made it part of their normal vocabulary, streaming and we see its concept applied to social networks, P2P, videos on demand and even entertainment content with its own productions.  It is there that Gedeonsolutions saw this area fulfilled and as a multimedia technological innovation development company, it had completed its cycle.


Gedeonsolutions Today, in terms of streaming solutions, it has focused on innovation and IoT solutions, applying all its strength of Streaming knowledge to the field of Security, monitoring and alerts under 3G, 4G, Satellite connectivities with consumption speeds only 64kbps to 128kbps.

"The limit is in our head, and having someone who interprets our ideas and who can carry out a feasible project is really sought after;Gedeonsolutions seeks to be that ally in your company or venture, accompanying the challenges."

When we hear the word streaming, visual content comes to mind, a radio, YouTube, content that one requests either for free or in a paid way, and can be accessed through a mobile device, computer or a television.

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