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IoT Solutions

Internet of Things

Nowadays, IoT (Internet of Things) gives us the possibility of interconnecting everyday devices and objects to the Internet, resulting in the collection and sharing of data. This allows these objects to be smarter and improve efficiency and productivity.

IoT solutions include a wide range of devices and systems, such as smart thermostats, fitness watches, security devices, and lighting and temperature control systems. They also include platforms and services that allow companies and users to collect, process and use the data collected by these devices.

GedeonsolutionsIn recent years, it has focused on the development and innovation of IoT technology applied to telemetry and industrial automation.  Products such as GetComAp allow direct dialogue between motor mechanics through protocols.ModBUS, CAN,TCP/IP;  identifying the data, classifying its edges and its reception in a control panel for decision making.


Gedeonsolutions It has also ventured into IoT Mobiles, Vending Machines and personnel control solutions; field solutions applicable to difficult scenarios where data transmission is crucial and telecommunications are the main obstacle.

Dialogue over TCP - ModBUS
Telemetry Vending Machines
Satellite SMS-IoT

Technology and innovation go hand in hand with creativity and reading of the times;Gedeonsolutions not only carries out the realization of an idea but also the next step to the next, our passion isCREATE and facilitate people's lives in simple and practical processes.
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