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Mercadopago is an electronic payments platform developed by MercadoLibre, an e-commerce company; It is currently operating in the main Latin American countries and offers companies and consumers a secure and convenient way to make payments and transactions online.


The problem that arises, when wanting to integrate our services and a form of digital collection, is that it must befall on physical devices of POSNET - POINT modality, human intervention to request a QR code and confirmation of the payment made.  Mercadopago sells partial integration solutions, such devices to integrate into a cell phone or also have a real POINT (charging point similar to a posnet).

Gedeonsolutions presents automatic integration solutions for its mechanical vending services; Taking advantage of the knowledge about mercadopago and its use in the common people, Gedeonsolutions integrates solutions for coin collection, bill collection, access timers or service acquisition, all for collection through mercadopago.

Gedeonsolutions It is a certified integrator agent for Mercadopago solutions, we have more than 7 years generating electronic collection solutions through this platform.


Now your company can charge for its services through Mercadopago, eliminate the risk of vandalism, theft or damage to equipment due to access to money or coins; through integrationcobroeasy ofGedeonsolutions Your company will be able to provide its clients with a greater collection gateway, obtaining real-time telemetry of what is happening in their collection system and receiving their money 100% in their account without intermediaries.

"May your visiondo not have regional limits; Gedeonsolutions helps you implement your business in any country where Mercadopago operates;  accompanying your services through interplatform charges and a unified control panel to update prices, balances and configurations in your timed services."




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