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Gedeonsolutions It is continually generating innovative technology with new and existing resources, seeking to improve technologies already on the market to solve problems and satisfy human needs (Make life easier and simpler).

Technological innovation, for its part, has been the premise in each solution developed; Over the years, Gedeonsolutions has perfected itself in finding the most economical and affordable ways; create and use new technologies or improve existing ones to do something more efficiently or effectively.

Intercalable development with the possibility of multiplatform allows each developed solution to be transferred, limiting capabilities to an imagination project and existing resources.  The language of dialogue and/or programming is only the means to reach a solution to a problem, implementing the best for the work environment, under the needs in equipment, scope and business projection.

algsome examples of development and innovation

technology include:

  1. Creation of new electronic devices
    Hardware solutions intended for analog automation processes, field data collection, telemetry over MQTT protocols and LoraWAN environments,

  2. Development of new optimization processes to improve information and communication systems.
    Automation of notifications for processes and alert panels; DIRECTOR PLAN control panel for task execution and process analysis.

  3. Creation of new ways of generating and using information.
    Implementation of AI on analysis columns and criteria for problem resolution, searches in a network environment (INTERNET) using BOT for tracking and classification of information.

  4. Process automation
    Information collection in the field, through physical and analog devices under IoT for decision making and preventive event panel.

  5. Data information processing
    Development of proxy solutions for multisystem interaction and connectivity, JSON solutions for reporting and data collection in the field, Webservices solutions for detailed queries under insecure protocols.





"Our mission, in each commitment assumed, is to generate a practical and simple solution to resolve a problem, accompanying the adoption process and its adaptation at each stage.   The limit will only be in our imagination and we will seek the best way ofAN IDEA carrying it out is ours"REAL CHALLENGE"which has become, TODAY, ourEND"

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